Pricing and Performance Policies


TRON the Band always appears at the venue's going rate. We do not argue prices, or re-negotiate, and merely expect to be paid what other comparable acts receive under similar circumstances.

If the band is appearing at a venue for the first time, trial pricing is acceptable. If TRON is apearing on a regular rotation, then the regular rate that is being paid to other bands on that rotation is expected.

Performance Policies:

We work for YOU.

TRON the Band strives to provide the most professional and enjoyable musical experience for club owners and patrons alike. The band is punctual, agreeable, and maintains the highest standards of musical and equipment quality. Within reason, we will tailor the performances to meet individual club owner's needs and preferences.

Written contracts are available if preferred by the club owner, and may be required by the band in cases of a first-time appearance at a particular venue. Otherwise, verbal contracts are acceptable.

Unless otherwise agreed, TRON the Band will be responsible for all production equipment, to include Sound Reinforcement / PA System.

Payment as agreed is expected upon the completion of the performance, unless otherwise specified at the time of contract.

Under no circumstances will a bar-tab be witheld from monetary compensation. If a specified tab amount or "Set Drinks" are not provided by the venue free-of-charge as part of overall compensation, then band members must be so informed and pay cash for beverages from the bar.


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